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My club just gets me...


Wouldn't it be great if your members told their friends that their fitness club just gets me? What if they said, "I don't really understand why it is so great, they just know what I like and how I like things" 

That's our mission, our reason for being. We want your members to be more than raving fans, we want them to be part of a family. Where they are understood, listened to and communicated with in the right way with the right language.

We have the way to achieve that. We have developed a system using personality profiling not just for your team, but for your members. Our tools and training will get your team to a place where they don't just work really well together, they work amazingly well with your clients. Once you look at how we work, you will be amazed. It all just makes sense.



Fitness is not just about training our bodies. Training our minds keeps everyone involved in the fitness club motivated and absorbed and ensures that members keep coming back to train. And we all know that repeat visits lead to increased retention rates.

So, understanding what makes everyone tick helps you to engage with members in the right way.
Our Fitness Club Dynamics programme uses behavioural assessments to give owners, managers and trainers the tools to understand what language to use to engage members and form a deeper connection. This in turn leads
to the club achieving its targets and members getting the most out of the services offered by the club.

The Only Profiling Tool To Highlight How Every Team Member Can Contribute Their Best To Your Fitness Business


The Contribution Compass profiling tool considers 96 separate data points to assess and understand every individual’s area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organisation. By investing time in your area of maximum contribution, you spend more time working in your ‘natural energy’ and creating the best results possible.


Contribution Compass is a powerful personal and team profiling tool based on the ancient Chinese wisdom principles and teachings from the iChing. By focusing on finding each person’s natural energy, the reports generated highlight where a person makes their maximum contribution and where they will work in their “Flow Zone” being far more productive and valuable.

Which profile are you?

Catalyst F.png
Champion F.png
Coach M.png
Connector F.png
Custodian F.png
Cultivator M.png
Conductor M.png
Calibrator F.png

Our proven SYSTEMS will not only change your life and your Team's but your members too...

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