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So how does this work?

  • Profile your fitness team, understand and analyse their natural behaviour.

  • Teach your team how to work with all the different energies and personality types.

  • Profile your members. Offer a one to one session to go through their profile.

  • Design a program to deliver the right kind of training to suit the clients needs.



We use the Contribution Compass to identify your energy and profile to uncover how to stay in
‘flow’. This means finding the path of least resistance to your ideal state of mind and behaviour.

Everyone we talk to wants to know what their assessment looks like and how they can get in ‘flow’.

This works for managers to ensure that you and your teams are in ‘flow’. And, of course, it works for trainers
and customers to ensure that that they are in ‘flow’ together for the best customer experience.

Each assessment will identify a principal energy (Activating, Inspiring, Sustaining and Refining). It’s possible that you may be a mix of one or more energies but don’t worry - we will help you to interpret the data.

Activating people tend to be dynamic, creative, blue sky thinkers. Inspiring people are relationship builders, good at engaging with people and teams; they are extroverts. Sustaining people are the organisers; they are customer-focused, diary managers and sensory aware. Refining people are detail and task-focused; they like analysis and probably spreadsheets too; they tend to be more introverted.

Next, your assessment consists of one or more of eight archetypes in the circles above. Let’s start with Catalyst and, going clockwise, Champion, Coach, Connector, Custodian, Cultivator, Conductor, Calibrator. 

Which profile are you? What profile is each of your team? What is blocking them from being successful? Where is the conflict? What difference would it make if you could resolve it?


  • We will debrief fitness teams and help everyone to leverage their natural talents, helping them to build trust in each other and stay in flow for longer.

  • Quarterly support and accountability to ensure 90-day plans are followed and the team delivers for the owner/manager and the club’s customers.


But this doesn’t go far enough…

  • Match the profile of the trainer to the customer for maximum impact, a deeper connection with members and a transformational member experience that will see the club’s retention figures and new member numbers improve.

  • Train the customer the way they want to train (not the way the trainer wants to train them), speak to them in THEIR language, connect with them the way they need to be connected with, through every touch point.


  • Fitness is not just about training the body. Give them the gift of training the mind to keep instructors and members in flow.

  • Understanding what makes club members tick and how they buy services will help clubs to engage with members in the right way.

  • Our leadership programme gives owners or managers who want a better understanding of their teams skills and knowledge for them to support each other more effectively to achieve the club’s targets and goals. 

  • Our sales dynamics programme gives owners or managers who want to understand how services are being sold to members and prospective members, a model to understand what language to use to engage members by their profile type so the club achieves its sales targets and the member gets the most out of the products and services offered by the club.

  • Our Right Hire programme gives owners and managers who are looking to add to their team the confidence to employ the right team members who will add value to the club. Run a free job survey by submitting a vacancy to Graham Brown      

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